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OCTOBER 15th 2020

ME RoTIC Promising Brands


“ME RoTIC Promising Brands” is the Culmination of Successful Stories in an all-encompassing Coffee Table Book.

“ME RoTIC Promising Brands” is a coffee table collection, a book that is the result of an endeavor to get the top players from the Rotating machinery technology & services market, that have shown the muscle to survive and thrive, even expand. In this book, we study the very genetic fiber of these eminent companies. What sets these companies apart? What creates niche identity in the mind of end users and enhances recall value? What are the latest innovations that have left a lasting imprint on end users mind? What makes these players the standard-bearers ?

This initiative will acknowledge the successful contribution of leading Technology & Service providers from the rotating machinery Industry, while taking stock of the way they have evolved to stay abreast of technological advances in these dynamic times.

Mr Abdullah Nazzawi

ME RoTIC 2019 Executive Chairman
Senior Division Head – Maintenance, Ras Tanura Refinery
Saudi Aramco

Mr Mamdouh Al Aidarous

ME RoTIC 2019 Technical Chairman
Engineering Consultant CSD
Saudi Aramco

Success Stories

of leading technology & service

providers of rotating community

This Exclusive Coffee Table Book headed by the advisory board of ME RoTIC, will be launched electronically on 15th October 2020 across all the social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, You tube, etc).

3000 Copies of this prestigious book will be circulated amongst Technical Experts, Chief Engineers from End user companies, Past ME RoTIC participants, International Airport Lounges & Business Centers of Leading 5 Star Hotels etc.

Electronic Copy of this book will be sent across to a database of Fifteen Thousand Rotating Equipment Managers / Engineers of ADNOC, Saudi Aramco, SABIC, BAPCO, PDO, KOC. As well as the leading manufacturers, technology & service providers of Rotating Machinery across the globe.

Honors for the User Community

We would like to invite professionals & experts from the end user oil & gas industry to enroll themselves for the honors taking place for the rotating community at the ME RoTIC VIP Gala Dinner. Kindly submit an brief overview(350 words) about your contribution/work towards the rotating machinery industry as an Individual/Department/Refinery in order to enroll for the honors based on below mentioned categories.

Who Can Participate?

Rotating Equipment Technology

- Turbines

- Pumps

- Compressors

- Gearboxes

- Engines

- Centrifuges

- Motors

- Generators

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New Trends in Rotating Machinery Designs, materials

Equipment Specifications, Technology & Performance

Equipment Reliability & Advanced Techniques

Asset Life Assessment, Remaining Life Assessment of Aged Critical machines

Turbomachinery Safeguarding

Safety & Reliability – High Level Learning from Incidents

Basic Care of Dry Gas Seals

High Speed Balancing

Pump Change-Over Philosophies

Inspection & Non-destructive Testing

Equipment Protection & Coating

Engineering Failure Analysis

Maintenance & Repair

Value Based Maintenance

Root Cause Analysis RCA for rotating equipment failure

Common Failure Modes in Reciprocating Compressors

Advance Diagnostics (methodology, instrumentation, equipment, etc.)

Gearbox Condition Monitoring Programs

Lubrication Excellence – Lubrication Management Programs

The application of multi-channel analysis methods, sound source identification, seismic vibration, amplification, etc.

Who will the book reach?

Rotating Equipment Engineers

They are the end users of rotating equipments. Who can tell the issues and requirements better than them! Be it for the equipment manufacturers, the R & D professionals or service providers; rotating equipment improvement requirements cannot be better explained by anybody else.

Equipment Manufacturers

The manufacturers play a major role in continually evolving the equipments according to the needs of the end user and the industry.

Reliability Professionals

Efficiency of any plants depends on the availability of the equipment with less downtime. A strong reliability team plays a major role to ensure maximum uptime for equipments.

Maintenance professionals

For a longer life of the equipment, proper maintenance is required for the equipments. Without them, the equipment will not run long.

R & D / Scientists / Standards Professionals

They set the standards for the equipment design, technology. They are the ones whose efforts brings in the improvements in the equipments.

Service Providers

Service Providers support the maintenance and repair of the equipment’s thereby improving the performance and uptime of equipments

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IN ME RoTIC 2020

Join us to witness the industry transformation for oil gas and energy sector. Here we introduce these pioneers – the protagonists in new ideas, new technology, new business models and new forms of work.

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Why ME RoTIC 2020



IN The Emirates.

An industrial giant returns to its former strength

UAE being the emerging market followed by many common wealth countries in the world, after initiating the gate way for international trade opportunities and identified as the top destination globally for foreign direct investment, surpassing international market.

Dubai being one of the fastest growing economy in the world with the rate of 4.5% and it can play a major role in providing strength to global economy that is facing a slowdown.

Dubai as a leading industrialized region is selected for the ME RoTIC 2020, we welcome you to one of the world’s largest growing economy